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The face of car brands and its rapidly evolving importance



Design goes far deeper than just the look of one specific car. In fact, the current automotive industry is now obsessed with making its entire range look the same. Or, at least, look very, very similar. It could be best described as the “face” of a brand. It’s a fascinating concept and one that requires a huge amount of work from designers, to make sure the overall look of the company can suit a wide range of body types and car shapes.

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Video: Just what goes into car design?

Here is a look at just what goes on behind the scenes during the design process of a car, as told by designers at SEAT as they created the 20V20 concept car.

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Why the Pagani Huayra is the world’s maddest supercar



Have a spare one million to spend and want a bonkers, crazy-looking supercar? The Pagani Huayra would have been the piece of engineering beauty for you, but sadly it has sold out. The car was limited to just 100 units, although some special editions (like with the similarly mad Zonda) could be coming our way and there are a few out there on the second hand market.

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The underrated art of headlight design


The headlights are there for function and practicality. That’s clear to see. Without them, driving would be very dangerous indeed. But the design of the front lights is becoming increasingly important in the look and attractiveness of modern cars. Manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to push things further and make their designs stand out.

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The five best looking superminis on sale right now



Just because a car is small, compact and cheap, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring to look at. There are some really striking, good-looking superminis on the market at the moment in the United Kingdom, which have strong kerb appeal at a small price.

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New and old: the design elements of the Fiat 500


The original Fiat 500 is still remembered today for being one of the cutest and smallest superminis to ever hit the European roads. It had true Italian character and a charming look that remains hugely popular. When Fiat decided to bring back the 500 name with a new small car, there was plenty of excitement. But would they get the design right?

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The striking features that make supercars stand out


All cars may feature stunning design details but supercars take that to completely new levels. I recently spotted a whole host of expensive, striking supercars and thought I would share my favourite design aspects for each.

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