The headlights are there for function and practicality. That’s clear to see. Without them, driving would be very dangerous indeed. But the design of the front lights is becoming increasingly important in the look and attractiveness of modern cars. Manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to push things further and make their designs stand out.

While the look of the car is fast becoming one of the most important deciding factors for consumers, the art of the headlight design is an underrated element and ties it all together. The grille may be the focal point, but the headlights frame the front of the car and that’s the first thing many will see when walking into showrooms or browsing cars online.

The trend in the 90s was for rounded headlight designs. While some current cars use this to create a more retro vibe, especially smaller vehicles, the option looks odd and out of place on larger pieces of machinery. Now, designers opt for sharper, more aggressive shapes, which gently cascade around the sides of the car.

In short, larger and more aggressive headlight designs are the way to go. But as the look of the lights has developed, so has the technology. Now LED headlights are extremely common and automatic technology is being introduced across many ranges. Laser lights have even started to appear. It is a busy time for the area of the automotive industry.

Headlights serve an important function in a car, but manufacturers are trying as hard as possible to not sacrifice the look and visual impact. The element is a crucial factor in the overall design paying off and being a success.